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Wild Rift Counter chart: Weak Against & Strong Against

Wild Rift Counter Weak Against and Strong Against with your’s champion.

ChampionsWeak AgainstStrong Against
ZedKayle, Jax, Irelia, Wukong, Nasus, TryndamereDarius, Teemo, Riven, Jayce, Yasuo
ZiggsYasuo, Zed, Brand, Draven, Ashe, Blitzcrank, LucianOrianna, Kayle, Kennen, Zed, Caitlyn, Twisted Fate
YasuoRenekton, Garen, Camille, Darius, Irelia, Xin Zhao, KayleDarius, Teemo, Riven, Jayce, Yasuo, Veigar, Ziggs, Orianna
WukongLee Sin, Darius, Garen, Nasus, Olaf, PantheonZed, Jayce, Teemo, Pantheon, Irelia, Jax
XayahMiss Fortune, Tristana, Jhin, Varus, Caitlyn, EzrealAshe, Vayne, Shen, Akali
Xin ZhaoJax, Pantheon, Teemo, Fiora, Malphite, Lee SinJayce, Kayle, Darius, Riven, Vi, Zed, Jarvan IV
ViLee Sin, Xin Zhao, Khaz’ix, Jax, PatheonJarvan IV, Shyvana, Amumu, Master Yi
VeigarAnnie, Zed, KatarinaAhri, Twisted Fate, Ziggs, Brand, Khaz’ix, Yasuo
VarusTristana, Leona, Lucian, Annie, Fizz, Ahri, Master Yi, ZedDraven, Caitlyn, Vayne, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Jhin
VayneTeemo, Akshan, Pantheon, Wukong, Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Draven, Varus, Ashe, Tristana, GravesLucian, Ezreal, Jhin, Alistar, Braum, Miss Fortune
Twisted FateFizz, Diana, Ahri, Yasuo, Akali, VeigarEvelynn, Ziggs, Annie, Karma
TryndamereTeemom, Renekton, Malphite, Pantheon, JaxZed, Master Yi, Darius, Riven, Wukong, Irelia
TristanaLulu, Morgana, Lucian, Janna, EzrealBlitzcrank, Leona, Sona, Varus, Soraka, Tristana
ThreshPantheon, Zed, Jayce, AkaliTryndamere, Nasus, Garen,, Singed, Darius, Shen
TeemoPantheon, Zed, Jayce, Akali, Lux, KarmaTryndamere, Nasus, Garen, Singed, Darius, Shen
SorakaMiss Fortune, Blitzcrank, Tristana, Thresh, Varus, LeonaBraum, Lulu, Alistar, Nunu & Willump, Lucian, Morgana
SonaBlitzcrank, Leona, Thresh, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, EzrealMorgana, Lulu, Vayne, Nunu & Willump, Nami, Janna
SingedTeemo, Jayce, KennenJax, Fiora, Lee Sin, Tryndamere, Wukong, Irelia
ShyvanaVi, Lee Sin, Kha’Zix, GragasAmumu, Rammus, Jarvan IV, Rengar, Master Yi, Evelynn
ShenJayce, Darius, TeemoPantheon, Malphite, Fiora, Renekton, Riven, Jarvan IV
SettMalphite, Renekton, Garen, Pantheon, Singed, JayceYasuo, Fiora, Zed, Master Yi, Rengar
SeraphineFizz, Ziggs, Irelia, Twisted Fate, KatarinaOrianna, Karma, Lux, Annie, Corki
SennaSona, Nami, Soraka, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Kai’SaThresh, Leona, Rakan, Seraphine, Alistar, Jinx
RivenFiora, Garen, Renekton, Kennen, Pantheon, DariusVi, Dr. Mundo, Nasus, Lee Sin, Rengar
RengarLee Sin, Shyvana, Rammus, Amumu, Jarvan IV, Nunu & WillumpKha’Zix, Vi, Kennen, Graves
RenektonGaren, Shyvana, Vayne, Olaf, JayceRiven, Irelia, Fiora, Jax, Akali, Tryndamere
RammusShyvana, Vi, Nunu & Willump, EvelynnTryndamere, Master Yi, Xin Zhao, Graves, Lee Sin
RakanLulu, Leona, Janna, Alistar, Karma, VeigarNami, Blitzcrank, Lucian ,Soraka, Miss Fortune, Thresh
PantheonShen, Olaf, Darius, MalphiteNasus, Riven, Fiora, Teemo, Jax, Garen
OriannaDiana, Gragas, Ziggs, Ahri, ZedAnnie, Lux, Kayle, Fizz, Akali, Yasuo
OlafKennen, Kayle, Pantheon, Tryndamere, Riven, Shen, Sett, JaxIrelia, Nasus, Shyvana, Renekton, Malphite, Gragas
Nunu & WillumpLee Sin, Vi, Kha’Zix, Diana, EvelynnJarvan IV, Tryndamere, Shyvana, Lee Sin, Rammus, Xin Zhao
NasusTeemo, Olaf, Pantheon, Darius, GarenIrelia, Zed, Wukong, Kayle, Jax, Shen
NamiLulu, Ezreal, Blitzcrank, Morgana, Leona, AlistarDraven, Janna, Thresh, Karma, Braum, Miss Fortune
MorganaKarma, Janna, Sona, SorakaLeona, Braum, Blitzcrank, Nami, Alistar, Draven
Miss FortuneDraven, Varus, Jhin, Lucian, Vayne, XayahCaitlyn, Tristana, Ezreal, Ashe
MalphiteOlaf, Shen, Nasus, Garen, CamilleJayce, Tryndamere, Jax, Renekton, Teemo
Master YiRammus, Master Yi, Vi, Amumu, Kha’ZixEvelynn, Jarvan IV, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Rengar
LuxDiana, Katarina, Yasuo, Ahri, Veigar, FizzBrand, Annie, Orianna, Corki, Irelia, Akali
LuluSona, Soraka, Blitzcrank, Amumu, Annie, ZedThresh, Leona, Nami, Blitzcrank, Alistar, Kennen
LeonaMorgana, Alistar, Janna, Lulu, Karma, ThreshBlitzcrank, Sona, Draven, Varus, Braum, Caitlyn
LucianVayne, Tristana, Graves, Caitlyn, EzrealThresh, Ashe, Miss Fortune, Varus, Corki, Blitzcrank
Lee SinShyvana, Rammus, Vi, Evelynn, WukongAmumu, Jarvan IV, Rengar, Xin Zhao
Khaz’ixRengar, Vi, Lee SinEvelynn, Amumu, Master Yi, Jarvan IV, Shyvana
KatarinaFizz, Kayle, Yasuo, Pantheon, Annie, AhriVeigar, Lux, Akali, Morgana
KayleNasus, Pantheon, Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV, Riven, JaxZed, Darius, Olaf, Singed, Fiora, Garen
KennenPantheon, Irelia, Kayle, FioraRiven, Olaf, Singed, Renekton, Darius, Nasus
KarmaVeigar, Lux, Orianna, Ahri, YasuoFizz, Diana, Katarina, Zed, Akali
Kai’SaMiss Fortune, Vayne, Draven, Ashe, Lucian, JinxEzreal, Tristana, Caitlyn
JayceFiora, Wukong, Xin Zhao, PantheonDarius, Teemo, Garen, Shen, Singed, Jax
JhinLucian, Vayne, Varus, Ezreal, TristanaXayah, Caitlyn, Varus, Vayne, Sona, Ashe
JinxDraven, Tristana, Graves, AsheCaitlyn, Miss Fortune, Amumu, Evelynn, Fiora
JaxRenekton, Garen, Pantheon, Singed, JayceFiora, Zed, Master Yi, Rengar, Xin Zhao, Darius
Jarvan IVVi, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Nunu & WillumpAlistar, Malphite, Nasus, Evelynn, Olaf, Kha’Zix
GravesEvelynn, Vi, Rengar, Kha’Zix, RammusMaster Yi, Wukong, Jarvan IV, Lee Sin
IreliaOlaf, Garen, Darius, Renekton, NasusZed, Diana, Riven, Jayce
JannaNami, Blitzcrank, Lux, SonaKennen, Alistar, Leona, Morgana, Thresh, Nunu & Willump
GragasFizz, Pantheon, Akali, Yasuo, AhriNasus, Darius, Teemo, Malphite, Kennen
GarenTeemo, Darius, Pantheon, Jayce, Kennen, YasuoRiven, Nasus, Renekton, Akali, Irelia, Wukong
FizzDr. Mundo, Darius, Olaf, TryndamerGragas, Karma, Jayce, Riven, Darius, Nasus
GalioMalphite, Jax, Riven, PantheonSinged, Renekton, Teemo, Kennen
EzrealFizz, Diana, Annie, Gragas, Draven, GravesVeigar, Orianna, Lee Sin, Lux, Katarina, Tristana
FioraJax, Pantheon, Darius, Renekton, Malphite, SingedJayce, Nasus, Rengar, Riven, Xin Zhao, Irelia
EvelynnKhaz’ix, Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, Master Yi, RengarGraves, Dr. Mundo, Jarvan IV, Amumu
DravenVarus, Caitlyn, Blitzcrank, Nami, Leona, JinxEzreal, Vayne, Jinx, Tristana, Ashe, Miss Fortune
Dr. MundoRiven, Darius, Shyvana, Olaf, FizzJax, Singed, Renekton, Nasus, Tryndamere, Irelia
DianaKayle, Fizz, Pantheon, Irelia, Jax, NasusAkali, Ahri, Twisted Fate, Orianna, Katarina
CamilleTeemo, Fiora, Riven, Kayle, VayneYasuo, Darius, Nasus, Jayce, Garen
CorkiBrand, Lux, Fizz, AhriZiggs, Katarina, Akali, Orianna, Zed, Yasuo
DariusJayce, Kayle, Teemo, Zed, RenektonNasus, Riven, Wukong, Irelia, Fiora, Garen
CaitlynVarus, Tristana, Jinx, LucianVayne, Corki, Graves, Ezreal, Draven, Ashe
BraumMorgana, Leona, Soraka, Alistar, Karma, VayneMiss Fortune, Blitzcrank, Thresh, Jinx, Jayce, Nami
Aurelion SolFizz, Zed, Yasuo, Katarina, Karma, GalioAnnie, Katarina, Irelia, Orianna, Diana
BlitzcrankLeona, Alistar, Morgana, Ezreal, ThreshSona, Draven, Varus, Soraka, Nami, Lulu
BrandFizz, Galio, Lux, Zed, CorkiAnnie, Ziggs, Akali, Katarina, Akshan, Lulu
AsheEzreal, Graves, Jinx, Draven, CaitlynVayne, Corki, Miss Fortune, Lucian, Jayce, Annie
AnnieBrand, Orianna, Morgana, Fizz, VeigarAkali, Ahri, Katarina, Kayle, Zed
AmumuShyvana, Lee Sin, Vi, Dr. MundoKha’Zix, Yasuo, Olaf, Diana
AkshanJinx, Draven, Jhin, Vayne, Xayah, Miss FortuneCaitlyn, Lucian, Ashe, Ezreal
AlistarJanna, Vayne, Soraka, Morgana, Tristana, LuluBlitzcrank, Leona, Braum, Nami, Nunu & Willump, Lucian
AhriDiana, Yasuo, Annie, Corki, Irelia, ZedOrianna, Gragas, Katarina, Brand, Lux, Akali
AkaliAnnie, Diana, Lux, Veigar, AkshanYasuo, Ziggs, Twisted Fate, Veigar, Katarina, Orianna
YuumiLeona, Alistar, Rakan, Blitzcrank, Soraka, SonaSeraphine, Brand, Braum, Lux, Thresh
Pyke Garen, Pantheon, Riven, Dr. Mundo, Tryndamere, NasusTeemo, Shen, Renekton, Yasuo, Jax, Jayce
YoneAnnie, Akshan, Ahri, Veigar, Zed, FizzOrianna, Corki, Twisted Fate, Irelia, Yasuo

Weak Against: These champions are strong against your’s champion at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against your’s champion.

Strong Against: These champions are weak against your’s champion at most phases of the game. They’re listed based on their win rate against your’s champion.

Wild Rift Counter Rating based on strong or weak a counter is based on win rate, kills, and deaths, as well as early laning advantages or disadvantages. A higher number means an easier laning phase against that champion.


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