Aatrox Wild Rift Counter

Aatrox Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Aatrox counter Wild Rift stats: All the Aatrox info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Darkin Blade

Role: Fighter | Win rate: 50.2% | Tier: S+

To counter Aatrox Wild Rift, use Grievous Wounds and stun. These are the two main factors that help you win against Aatrox.

Aatrox has high damage and the ability to fight for a long time so you don’t have to fight 1vs1 with him. Instead, use the following methods that I have compiled, it will help you win Aatrox more easily.

Champion Counter Aatrox

Discover all Top champions who counter Aatrox.


Aatrox is Weak Against

Aatrox is Strong Against

As a solo player with Aatrox you need to understand that Aatrox is very strong from level 2 to level 6. Keep your distance from Aatrox at the beginning of the game and make sure you don’t get killed by Aatrox during this stage.

If Aatrox has used his ability attack him.

If Aatrox pushes minions up, call on the jungle to gank him.

Buying Executioner’s Calling or Bramble Vest will reduce Aatrox’s healing ability and you can solo him.


Aatrox is Weak Against

Aatrox is Strong Against

Use your ranged advantage to harass Aatrox. Don’t get close to him because you might be pulled back by him.

Make sure there’s always a minimum of one minion standing between you and Aatrox.

Buy Morellonomicon will help you deal more damage to Aatrox.

Keeping your CC skill and waiting for the jungler to gank will make it easier to defeat Aatrox.

Item Counter Aatrox

Items that counter Aatrox

Physical defense items:

Items have effect Grievous Wounds.

Aatrox wild rift counter items list:

Aatrox deals mostly Physical Damage, so buying armor is very effective against him like: Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Randuin’s Omen, Sunfire Aegis, Dead Man’s Plate.

Use items that reduce Aatrox’s healing ability such as: Mortal Reminder, Morellonomicon, Thornmail.

Frozen Heart will reduce Aatrox’s attack speed.

How to counter Aatrox ?

Aatrox wild rift counter tips

Aatrox wild rift counter tips:

In team battles, try to CC him and take him out first.

Try to find fights where Aatrox doesn’t have an ultimate or flash. He will have difficulty dealing damage and escaping.

Try starting the fight when you see Aatrox split push and remember to control your vision to avoid Aatrox suddenly appearing.

Items or skills that cause grievous wounds will reduce Aatrox’s healing ability.


  • Good waveclear.
  • Great laning phase.
  • Great at dishing out damage.
  • Great at exerting lane pressure.
  • Solid built-in sustain.
  • If ahead can potentially 1v5.
  • Amazing during the early to mid-game.


  • Very susceptible to CC.
  • Falls of late-game.
  • Very telegraphed abilities.
  • Heavily item dependant.
  • Long early-game cooldowns.
  • Easily crippled by Grievous Wounds.