Ahri Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Ahri Wild Rift counter stats: All the Ahri info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Nine-Tailed Fox

Champion counter

Discover all Top champions who counter Ahri.


Ahri is Weak Against

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Ahri is Weak Against

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Ahri is Weak Against

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Item counter

Items that counter Ahri

General Counter Tips

Stay behind minions to prevent yourself from getting charmed.

Punish her for missing her charm and focus her when she uses her ultimate aggressively into a teamfight.

Don’t always stay near the minion wave, she can skill 1 the wave also hitting you.

Champion Information

Ahri is a great starter champion that anyone can pick up. She has a really fun playstyle, can be played really safe, and has abilities that are quick and easy to learn!


  • Great 1v1 potential.
  • Decent waveclear.
  • Great mobility on her ultimate.
  • Great at roaming.
  • Great at creating picks.
  • Can fit into many team comps.


  • Relies on hitting skill-shots.
  • Falls off when people get more items.
  • No mobility without her ultimate.
  • Weak early game.
  • Is pretty feast or famine.
  • Has a lot of counters.

Features of Counters Wild Rift

If you want to win a line and you don’t know how to do it, a main advantage over your opponent is to choose a champion to counter him.

Simple, it means that the skill set of the champion you choose is the opposite of the opponent.

It seems something very simple, but this can decide a victory for you and your allies. -> So you have to always keep in mind what is the counter of each character.

Thank you for reading this guide. Good luck on the rift summoners!