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Fizz Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Fizz Wild Rift counter stats: All the Fizz info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Tidal Trickster

Role: Assassin/ Mage | Win rate: 51.5% | Tier: S

Champion Counter Fizz

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Fizz is Weak Against

Fizz is Strong Against


Fizz is Weak Against

Fizz is Strong Against


Fizz is Weak Against

Fizz is Strong Against

Item Counter Fizz

Items that counter Fizz

Buying a Quicksilver Sash and using it will drop the fish from his ultimate, allowing you to avoid the shark.

How to counter Fizz ?

Fizz wild rift counter tips:

Any stuns/knockups or huge damage spells should be thrown from up close, or when Skill 3 is on cooldown.

Focus him after he uses Playful/Trickster to enter a fight.

Fizz likes to weave in and out of a fight to wait for his cooldowns, so try to take advantage of the time when he is useless and disrupt him with your front line.

Avoid staying in lane with low health.


  • High kill pressure.
  • Extremely mobile.
  • Has the ability to outplay any champion.


  • Very high skill cap.
  • Hard to come back when behind.
  • Falls off if he doesn’t get an advantage early.