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Gwen Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

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The Hallowed Seamstress

Role: Fighter | Win rate: 50.2% | Tier: S+

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Gwen  wild rift counter tips:

Extended trades will always work in her favour, especially once she completes an item or two. Avoid fighting her alone unless you can burst her down and kill her.

Try to harass and poke her down with your abilities before initiating a team fight.

Trying to block incoming skill shots, look to start a fight while it’s on cooldown.

Gwen will be split pushing in the mid-game. You can use the numbers advantage to take her down or start a team fight on her team while she is elsewhere on the map.

Look to fight her when she doesn’t have many Snip Snip! stacks as her ability to trade back with you will be reduced. Her damage output will be lower when she has no stacks.

Gwen will be stronger when she has 4 stacks on her Passive. Avoid committing to fights when she has max stacks.


  • Very skill based.
  • Lots of fun.
  • Rarely Banned.
  • Insane Late game Carry potential.
  • Good into many match ups and can come out on top in even the hardest of match ups.


  • Early game is weak compared to other meta junglers.
  • Very Item reliant.
  • Scaling.
  • Getting behind can put you out of the game.
  • Takes time to learn how to play Gwen well.