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Grandmaster at Arms

Role: Fighter | Win rate: 51.4% | Tier: S+

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Jax is Weak Against

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Jax wild rift counter tips:

Avoid attacking him when he turns on his Counter Strike. 

Whenever you see him using Skill 3 (Counter Strike) in lane, try to get out of range.

Late-game, Try to avoid engaging him alone.

Try blinding him or reducing his attack speed.

Try to avoid a short range fight against him.

Forcing a fight with a numbers advantage when Jax is split pushing can be a good way to win a team fight.


  • God of split-pushing.
  • Insane 1v1 potential.
  • Very simple kit.
  • Late game insurance.
  • Hard counters auto-based champions.


  • Pretty weak early game.
  • No ranged abilities.
  • No built-in sustain (makes him weak to poke).
  • Difficult to come back quickly if behind.
  • Struggles against spell-based champs.