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The Loose Cannon

Role: Marksman | Win rate: 51.5% | Tier: S

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Jinx is Weak Against

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Jinx wild rift counter tips:

Jinx becomes fairly immobile and easy to gank if her Chompers/Flash are down.

Buy items with Armor and attack speed reduction against her.

Her rockets deal splash damage, so hiding behind minions isn’t always safe.

Her base auto attack range is low in minigun stance, which makes her easier to harass.

Jinx is very dependent on others to assist her in snowballing. Try your best to take advantage of Jinx when she is in the lane alone.

When trying to team fight, engage as soon as you spot her- do not let her auto-attack for free in the backline.


  • Ranged Waveclear.
  • Global Execute Ultimate.
  • Area of Effect Damage.
  • Takes Objectives Quickly.
  • Long Range Poke.


  • Very hard to learn.
  • Creates bad habits when playing other adc’s.
  • Hard to get back into the game when put behind.