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Role: Mage / Support | Win rate: 48.8% | Tier: S+

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Karma  wild rift counter tips:

Avoid letting her harass you for free, as it will lower her Mantra’s cooldown.

Leave the circle from her Mantra Inner Flame as it will deal bonus damage in the circle after a short duration. 

Don’t be fooled if you see Karma at low health.

Try your best to escape from her Focused Resolve when she casts it on you, as it will root you after a short while.


  • Huge survivability.
  • A lot of poke and slows with Inner Flame.
  • Literally unkillable if played right.
  • Can carry the team as a protector.
  • Not hard to learn.
  • Great sustained damage.


  • Needs good decision-making.
  • Needs core items for full potential.
  • You can get flamed for the pick.
  • You tilt enemies too often.
  • Mana hungry early game.
  • Anti-healing makes your life a bit harder.