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The Radiant Dawn

Role: Tank / Support | Win rate: 49.3% | Tier: S

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How to counter Fiora?

Leona wild rift counter tips:

If she activates her Eclipse, it means she’s about to engage.

Only the center of her ultimate stuns, and it can easily be dodged with proper reaction. 

If possible, Punish her for missing her Zenith blade.

Leona’s skill 3, the root/pull, can be interrupted by certain abilities. (ex. Thresh’s flay, vayne’s condemn, lee sin’s kick)


  • Great Peel.
  • Great vs Squishy targets.
  • Good engage.
  • Very Tanky.
  • Great dueling potential.
  • Great playmaking ability.


  • Not great from behind.
  • Ultimate can be difficult to lane sometimes.
  • Easy to dodge her Skill 3.
  • struggles vs Enchanters.
  • Very punishable early game.