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The Lady of Luminosity

Role: Mage / Support | Win rate: 50.0% | Tier: A

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Lux wild rift counter tips:

Lux has very low base health and resistances. 

Lux’s passive deals a lot of damage early game, so stay out of her auto-attack range .

Lux is very vulnerable once she misses her Light binding.

Always be prepared to dodge her ultimate by side stepping away from the red line.

Dont chase her into the bushes she can easily combo you down.


  • Can shield the WHOLE team.
  • Great Teamfighter.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Lots of Utility.
  • E & R gives vision.


  • Mana Issues.
  • Long Cooldowns.
  • Squishy with no mobility.
  • Skill 3 can take farm/push when you want to freeze.
  • Fully skillshot oriented with easily dodgeable abilities.