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The Bounty Hunter

Role: Marksman / Mage | Win rate: 51.7% | Tier: A

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Miss Fortune wild rift counter tips:

Try to keep her passive down by doing short frequent pokes and harassments. 

Do not group to close together as Miss Fortune will be able to hit your whole team with her Ultimate.

Miss Fortune is very vulnerable when she is channeling her ultimate. Either focus her or disable (stun/silence/knock-up/displacement) her.

Avoid trading with Miss Fortune for an extended amount of time.


  • Easy to farm under tower.
  • Decent mobility.
  • AoE Ultimate.
  • Great early game.
  • Has an easy to hit slow.
  • Godlike at zoning.
  • Brush reveal.
  • Amazing Poke.


  • No Dash.
  • Interruptable Ultimate.
  • Vulnerable while Ultimate.