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Fallen Angel

Role: Mage / Support | Win rate: 51.0% | Tier: C

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Morgana is Weak Against

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How to counter Neeko?

Neeko wild rift counter tips:

A Quicksilver Enchant will get rid of Morgana’s ultimate chains.

Try to stay behind minions so Morgana can’t hit you with her Dark Binding. 

Avoid sitting in Morgana’s Tormented Soil for an extended amount of time.

Don´t use your grabs, stuns (etc.) on target shielded by her skill 3 (Black Shield), because it will ignore it.


  • Amazing Pick Potential.
  • High Damage Output.
  • AoE Slow and Stun.
  • Black Shield’s CC Immunity and general magic damage reduction.
  • Two forms of Hard Crowd Control (Root and Stun).


  • No mobility spells.
  • Low Auto-Attack range.
  • Can be difficult to land Skill 1 against ranged opponents.