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Role: Fighter / Tank | Win rate: 52.4% | Tier: B

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Nasus wild rift counter tips:

When Nasus is split pushing, you can use the numbers advantage to start a team fight.

Don’t let him free farm, his Siphoning Strike will get stronger in late game.

Poke him in lane as often as you can as it will disrupt his ‘Siphoning Strike’ farming.

Try to avoid pushing your lane against Nasus, as he can free farm under his tower. 

Avoid standing in his Spirit fire as it will shred your armor. 

It’s helpful to take cleanse or buy a Quicksilver Enchant to get rid of his Wither as an AD Carry.


  • Late game is very scary.
  • Can chase down fleeing enemies with Skill 2.
  • Take towers very easily.
  • Very Tanky and deals tons of damage.


  • Very late game oriented.
  • Chain CC prevents him from attacking targets.
  • If prevented from farming he is very useless.