Nautilus Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Nautilus Wild Rift counter stats: All the Nautilus info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Titan of the Depths

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Nautilus is Weak Against

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General Counter Tips

Nautilus loses his AOE cleave on his auto attacks if you pop his shield, so try to take it down as soon as possible.

Bear in mind that Nautilus’ Dredge Line can pull him to terrain. Try to avoid running near walls when being ganked or chased by him.

In teamfights, do not flash back trough your team if R is on you, flash to the side. If your flash goes back in or behind the team you all get knocked upp.

Nautilus’s Riptide will hit you multiple times if you move away from him, so stay still if you can.

Champion Information


  • Strong peel.
  • Easy to master.
  • Very fun champion.
  • Tanky.
  • Provides a lot of cc.
  • Great all-in engage.


  • Easy to poke.
  • Provides little sustain for ADC.
  • Ability dependant.
  • No escape after engaging.
  • Low base movement speed.

Features of Counters Wild Rift

If you want to win a line and you don’t know how to do it, a main advantage over your opponent is to choose a champion to counter him.

Simple, it means that the skill set of the champion you choose is the opposite of the opponent.

It seems something very simple, but this can decide a victory for you and your allies. -> So you have to always keep in mind what is the counter of each character.

Thank you for reading this guide. Good luck on the rift summoners!