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The Bloodharbor Ripper

Role: Assassin / Support | Win rate: 50.5% | Tier: S

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Pyke wild rift counter tips:

stay behind minions to avoid hook.

Harass and poke him down so he has to recall before he can get enough gold for Dirk.

When Pyke hits level 6, his kill pressure increases. Back away when low so he is unable to kill you and snowball his lead.

When no team fights are occurring, Pyke will be in a side lane split pushing. Keep an eye on his positioning and fall back if you see him rotating to join the fight.


  • Exteremly strong scaling.
  • Strong level 1-2.
  • Fits into many teamcomps.
  • Flexible buildpaths.
  • Helps teammates passively.


  • High skill cap.
  • Hard to comeback with.
  • Weak in lane.
  • Needs solo XP to scale.
  • Struggles against range.