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The Armordillo

Role: Tank | Win rate: 53.2% | Tier: A

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Rammus wild rift counter tips:

Try to stand amongst creeps to avoid getting knocked-back by Rammus’s Powerball.

Try not to target him if he has his Defensive Curl on.

Try to get as far as possible when he using ultimate.

Most Rammus players build heavy armor. This will make him vulnerable to AP damage.


  • Extremely tanky.
  • Amazing into AD comps.
  • Can almost 1 shot an ADC if ahead.
  • Good engage.
  • Healthy jungle clear.
  • Amazing ganks.
  • Strong at all stages of the game.
  • Still has utility if behind.
  • Good escape with Powerball.
  • Mechanically easy.


  • Slow objective clear.
  • Has a few pretty bad matchups.
  • Very weak against tanks.
  • Relatively slow jungle clear.