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Renekton Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

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The Butcher of the Sands

Role: Fighter | Win rate: 49.7% | Tier:  S+

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Renekton wild rift counter tips:

Pay attention to Renekton’s fury bar, as he will most likely play aggressive when it turns red.

Renekton is a short trader due to his kit, poke him out of lane if possible!

When running away from Renekton, stay away from minions. He can only slice while chasing, and when there are minions around he can Dice too, to catch up with you.

If you are really low vs a Renekton and his flash is up, be VERY careful. He can “e” flash for an easy kill.


  • High base damage.
  • High burst damage with good extended trades.
  • Has a strong ultimate that can turn around fights.
  • Has good stickiness in lane with his double e dash.
  • Great sustain in kit.
  • Has a shield break mechanic on his empowered skill 2.
  • Matches up well into most of the meta toplaners.
  • Has good scaling.


  • Can get kited easily in team fights.
  • Is heavily reliant on enemy’s over extending / making mistakes.
  • Can die very quickly if he doesn’t get on his desired target in a team fight.
  • Has high cooldowns during laning phase.
  • If you don’t snowball you may feel useless later on in teamfights.
  • Has a very simple kit that is easily telegraphed to the enemy team.