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Sett Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Sett Wild Rift counter stats: All the Sett info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Bos

Role: Fighter | Win rate: 50.8% | Tier: S

Sett is a formidable champion that has the ability to take a lot of people by surprise with both his damage and tankiness. Sett is adaptable enough to play as a tank or a carry, depending on what the team needs.

I had 53 matches with Sett, disappointingly I won 15 and lost 38. I used (Yasuo, Jayce, Fiora) these are my favorite champions to fight Sett.

Sett is extremely strong in the early game, but my play style is extremely aggressive. As a result, Sett defeated me in the first 5 minutes of the match. The rest of the time I couldn’t farm and always seemed to get killed by Sett when he had his ultimate.

And from then on, I was determined to learn and successfully synthesized ways to counter Sett. If you want to know how to successfully counter Sett, see below.

Champion Counter Sett

Discover all Top champions who counter Sett.


Sett is Strong Against

Sett is a strong fighter in the early and mid game. He gradually loses strength towards the end of the game. When soloing with Sett at Top, you need to limit fighting and not let him defeat you early.

The best way to counter Sett is to hold off minions and wait for support from your Jungle.


Sett is Weak Against

Sett is Strong Against

Sett is a potent Jungler during early games. Avoid going up against him in a one-on-one fight unless you are stronger than him.

By putting wards in the river and around his jungle entrances, you can lessen Sett’s ability to get good gank.


Sett is Weak Against

Sett is Strong Against

Long range is your advantage in Mid, try to harass and poke him from the maximum distance so Sett can’t farm.

Don’t engage in long fights with Sett, he has a lot of damage to deal with you. If you have low health, I recommend you go home to heal, especially when Sett is level 6.


Sett is Weak Against

Sett is Strong Against

Harass and poke Sett from a distance if Sett still has his ultimate.

Always go with your support, avoid being caught by Sett.


Sett is Weak Against

Sett is Strong Against

You don’t need to defeat Sett, leave that task to your teammates.

Control Sett’s vision and communicate Sett’s movement direction to your teammates.

Prevents Sett from attacking your allies by stunning, knocking up, or silencing.

Item Counter Sett

Items that counter Sett

Sett wild rift counter items list:

To reduce damage from Sett’s basic attacks, you should buy armor-increasing items such as: Plated Steelcaps, Thornmail, Frozen Heart, Randuin’s Omen, Sunfire Aegis.

To counter Sett’s ultimate, you should buy: Quicksilver Enchant.

How to counter Sett?

Sett wild rift counter tips

Sett wild rift counter tips:

Strongest in the mid game due to high damage and frequent fights. Try do drag the game out and not give him early kills.

Sett is weakest in the late game. Try to stall and don’t force fights early game where he thrives.

At level 1, stay away from trading with him because he will outdamage most champions.

Sett is very strong in the laning phase. If you want to kill him then you need to keep minions near your tower and call on your jungle to gank.

If he rushes at you and attempts to attack you, stay away from him and step back.

Sett will try to split push when there is no combat. When he’s alone, you can try to take him down or start a fight with his teammates.


  • Excels at disrupting fights.
  • Strong at low health.
  • Great at engaging.
  • Does’nt have to worry about mana or energy.


  • Fall off late game.
  • Low range abilities.
  • Reliant on cooldowns .