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Eye of Twilight

Role: Tank / Support | Win rate: 51.5% | Tier: S

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Shen wild rift counter tips:

Try to juke Shen’s taunt. This will give him a harder time to stick onto his targets.

When you see him teleporting, damage him as much as possible.

Try to fight Shen in early levels and before he gets his sunfire.

Buy Quicksilver Enchant to take off his Taunt.

If playing against a Shen after level 6, always be cautious of fighting because the Shen will make a 1v1 become a 1v2, or 2v2 become a 2v3. 

Try laning against him with a champion with a disable. Shen can be interrupted while channeling his ultimate, preventing him to teleport to his ally. 


  • Map range shield and teleport.
  • Excellent split pushing.


  • Ultimate doesn’t give you extra 1v1 potential.
  • Ultimate have long cooldowns.
  • Energy doesn’t scale.