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Singed Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Singed counter Wild Rift stats: All the Singed info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Mad Chemist

Role:  Tank / Mage | Win rate: 53.6% | Tier: A

Champion Counter Singed

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Singed is Weak Against

Singed is Strong Against


Singed is Weak Against

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Item Counter Singed

Items that counter Singed

Banshee’s Veil severely limits his ability to engage and make plays with fling, as it blocks the CC and he has no other way of popping the shield.

How to counter Singed ?

Singed wild rift counter tips:

Always try to stay away from singed to avoid his use of fling.

Do not chase singed, as his poison will continuously reset against you. (***)

Try to take him down at beginning. 

Singed’s effectiveness is pretty much all close range, focus on kiting and peel-based strategies to nullify his teamfight potential.


  • Amazing Teamplay.
  • Always useful.
  • Absolute tilt god.
  • Can turn games around easily.
  • Amazing game presence.
  • Teaches you macro-play instead of micro-play.


  • Poor late-game.
  • Very weak pre-6..
  • Reliant on ultimate.
  • Tons of hard counters.
  • Fling is hard to master.
  • Relatively hard to get into.