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Sivir Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Sivir counter Wild Rift stats: All the Sivir info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Battle Mistress

Role: Marksman | Win rate: 50.8% | Tier: A+

Sivir is an extremely entertaining and secure champion to play. She is strong in wave clearing and team fighting.

I had a really difficult match against Sivir, when I played Ezreal, an ADC that I really like.

Her poke ability is terrifying with Boomerang Blade and Ricochet. I can only farm minions from a distance and the problem I have is mana.

My skill seems to be blocked by Sivir’s Spell Shield. I can’t damage her from a distance.

I called on the jungle to gank Sivir, but her ultimate allowed her to move back to the tower extremely quickly.

I failed, she kill me the first kill and won the match.

The following days I searched for a way to counter Sivir Wild Rift and I succeeded. If you want to know what it is, you can see below.

Champion Counter Sivir

Discover all Top champions who counter Sivir.


Sivir is Weak Against

Sivir is Strong Against

When it is possible, move away from the minion wave. She won’t be able to poke and harass you as much with her Boomerang Blade and Ricochet because of this.

Attacking when Sivir’s mana is low is the greatest strategy to counter her.

To kill Sivir in the laning phase, call on your jungle.


Sivir is Weak Against

Sivir is Strong Against

Sivir can block your skills when using her Spell Shield. If you want to destroy Sivir you need to wait patiently when Sivir’s mana is low.

Sivir’s poke ability is extremely good, avoid losing too much health because she can then call her jungle to gank you.


Sivir is Weak Against

Sivir is Strong Against

Build resistant equipment to reduce damage from Sivir. You can approach and attack Sivir anytime Sivir is alone.

You can hide in the bushes and attack when she farms soldiers.


Sivir is Weak Against

Sivir is Strong Against

Focus on Sivir in combat, try to control her, and let your teammates do the rest.


Sivir is Weak Against

Sivir is Strong Against

Mobile and high-damage junglers easily destroy Sivir because she has low health.

You should gank Sivir often and try to kill her in the early game because Sivir is strong in the mid and late game.

Item Counter Sivir

Items that counter Sivir

Sivir wild rift counter items list:

Sivir deals mostly Physical Damage, so buying armor is very effective against her.

How To Counter Sivir?

Sivir wild rift counter tips

Sivir wild rift counter tips:

When Sivir uses the Boomerang Blade skill, dodge to the side.

Stay away from minions if you see Sivir using the Ricochet skill.

When you can, keep your distance from the minion wave. She won’t be able to poke and bug you as easily because of this.

Once Sivir has a lot of crit, she is quite powerful. She is quite powerful in the middle and end of the game. You need gank her in the early game, kill her and don’t let her farm.

Destroy Sivir before entering the team fight.

When you see that Sivir has finished using the magic shield, then use the control skill.

Sivir is weak against champions that can close and deal strong damage.


  • Great wave clear.
  • Strong in team fights.
  • CC immunity.


  • Limited attack range.
  • Bad early game.

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