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Veigar Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Veigar counter Wild Rift stats: All the Veigar info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Tiny Master of Evil

Role: Mage | Win rate: 51.9% | Tier: A

Champion Counter Veigar

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Veigar is Weak Against

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Veigar is Weak Against

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Veigar is Weak Against

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Item Counter Veigar

Items that counter Veigar

If you’re playing AP against Veigar, get Stasis Enchant ASAP, it will counter his combo, especially his ultimate

How to counter Veigar ?

Veigar wild rift counter tips:

Deny him farm early.

Try to avoid Dark Matter as it deals massive damage when it lands.

Gank Veigar early game. Veigar is extremely vulnerable to ganks as he has no mobility.

Veigar’s stun field will only stun targets around the edge.

Try not to stand behind low healthed minions, as a good Veigar player will see the opportunity to both take the stack and poke you in one shot.


  • Team orientated items.
  • Safe laning.
  • Good mid to late game.
  • Low CDR.
  • Good zoning.
  • May tilt your opponents.
  • Cheap build.
  • Tanky.


  • Reliant on stacking passi.
  • Weak early game.