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Role: Mage | Win rate: 50.9% | Tier: S

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Viktor is Weak Against

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Viktor is Weak Against

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How to counter Viktor ?

Viktor wild rift counter tips:

Make sure you’re always outside of the minion wave so he is unable to push and poke you at the same time.

Viktor will be looking to play safe in the early game. Try to abuse this to get ahead.

Avoid fighting around objectives as Viktor has a lot of poke with his Death Ray.

Try to force a fight as quickly as you can rather than allowing him to poke you down with his Death Ray and Chaos Storm.

In team fights, flank from the side or create different angles of approach to get on to him.


  • High aoe burst.
  • Strong waveclear.
  • Insane lategame scaling.
  • Powerful zone control.


  • Immobile.
  • High skillcap.
  • Squishy.
  • Weak early game.