Vladimir Wild Rift Counter

Vladimir Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

Vladimir counter Wild Rift stats: All the Vladimir info you could want with counter picks, general counters, item counter, lane synergy and more!

The Crimson Reaper

Role: Mage | Win rate: 51.2% | Tier: S

Vladimir is a very special mage in Wild Rift because he does not use Mana. He will use his blood when using the skills Sanguine Pool and Tides of Blood. Vladimir is strong in team fights thanks to his ability to drain blood and deal large area damage.

If you have ever fought with Vladimir, you will know that he is not strong at the beginning of the game. But later on, when he has the necessary items, he becomes stronger. Fighting Vladimir at this stage is a waste of effort as he has the tools to take you down or escape.

You should find a way to counter Vladimir right from the beginning of the game. If you don’t know how to counter Vladimir, I’ll show you: A gap closer, crowd control and burst damage. You will easily defeat him.

Champion Counter Vladimir

Discover all Top champions who counter Vladimir.


Vladimir is Weak Against

Vladimir is Strong Against

You should build items that cause Grievous Wounds ( Mortal Reminder) or Ignite to counter Vladimir’s healing ability in the laning phase.

Sanguine Pool has a long cooldown. If Vladimir has used it you can attack him.

CC and burst damage quickly is how you can easily win against Vladimir in solo 1vs1. You can also call on your jungler to gank Vladimir if you see him pushing too high.


Vladimir is Weak Against

Vladimir is Strong Against

Early in the game, Vladimir is at his most vulnerable. To make him less annoying in the middle and end of the game, do everything in your power to him fall behind.

Keep a safe distance when Vladimir has “Transfusion”, forcing him to use it on minions.

Poke him and use Morellonomicon or Ignite to reduce Vladimir’s healing.

You should not use all your skills while Vladimir has Sanguine Pool.

Item Counter Vladimir

Items that counter Vladimir

Magic Resistance Items:

Grievous Wounds Items:

Stasis Enchant:

Quicksilver Sash:

Vladimir wild rift counter items list:

Build anti-magic items to counter Vladimir such as: Spirit Visage, Force of Nature, Maw Of Malmortius, Mantle of the, Twelfth Hour, Abyssal Mask, Mercury’s Treads, Amaranth’s Twinguard (Ruin).

To reduce Vladimir’s healing ability, use items that cause grievous wounds such as: Mortal Reminder, Morellonomicon, Liandry’s Torment.

Using Stasis Enchant will help you avoid damage from Vladimir.

Use Quicksilver Enchant to clear Vladimir’s ultimate.

How to counter Vladimir ?

Vladimir wild rift counter tips

Vladimir wild rift counter tips:

Early on in the game, Vladimir is most vulnerable. Make every effort to put him behind you.

Control your flanks in combat as Vladimir can suddenly attack your team with his ultimate.

You need a champion with burst damage and CC to counter Vladimir.

Grievous Wounds is the key to fighting Vladimir.

Being a short-range caster, you may position yourself well to evade the majority of his damage. Try not to group too closely when Vladimir has ultimate.

Vladimir excels in team fights and late-game situations. In order to prevent him from spiking, try to stop the game as soon as you can.


  • Great sustain.
  • Strong in teamfight.
  • Great Escape Tool.


  • Hard to farm with early.
  • Lack of mobility.
  • Very prone to ganks.
  • High cooldowns.

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