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The Rebel

Role: Marksman / Mage | Win rate: 49.6% | Tier: S

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Xayah wild rift counter tips:

When Xayah casts her ultimate, she becomes invunerable for the time being so don’t waste your abilities on her.

Stay behind/to the side of her feathers and wait for her to use it, then go in for the attack.


  • Pushes towers fast with Skill 2, especially after getting + some attack speed items.
  • Excellent waveclear especially in late game.
  • Has CC (root) which can CC multiple targets.
  • Good ranged poke with Skill 1 and feathers.
  • Has very good damage once you get a couple crit items.


  • Very squishy.
  • Requires time to setup feathers in order to maximize damage and utility.
  • Struggles against long range lanes.
  • Struggles against very aggressive lanes.
  • Weak to CC and focus when ult is down
  • Can be tricky to learn.