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The Magical Cat

Role: Support / Mage | Win rate: 47.5% | Tier: S

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Yuumi wild rift counter tips:

Invest in an early Executioner’s Calling or a similar Grevious Wounds item to reduce her healing in lane.

If Yuumi is in a bad position, try to kill her. She has no mobility without her allies nearby and therefore can be punished very quickly.

Try to fight her in open areas where your team is not grouped to closely.


  • High utility.
  • Can disengage herself quickly.
  • Because of heals and shields high sustain.
  • Can recall with the other teammates
  • Compatible with every ADC.


  • She can’t start teamfights.
  • Playing aggressive can cost alot of mana.
  • Squishy (so make sure you are attached).
  • Struggles when alone.