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Zac Wild Rift Counter: Champions & Tips

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The Secret Weapon

Role: Tank | Win rate: 50.5% | Tier: A

Champion Counter zac

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Zac is Weak Against

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Zac is Weak Against

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Zac is Strong Against


Zac is Weak Against

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Item Counter zac

Items that counter Zac

Items have effect Grievous Wounds.

Items deals Maximum health damage.

How to counter Zac?

Zac wild rift counter tips:

Take note that Zac can gank from afar with his Elastic Slingshot though. You need placing vision around his jungle entrances and in the river will reduce his ability to get successful ganks off.

Try to fight him when Elastic SlingshotIt on cooldown.

Avoid fighting in the jungle as it will make it easier for Zac to land his Elastic Slingshot and knock up your whole team with his Ultimate.


  • Good Tank.
  • Not item dependant.
  • Lots of CC.
  • Great mobility with his skill 3.
  • Can regenerate in the jungle with its blobs.
  • Pretty good damage.
  • Can peel or engage.
  • Huge engage / disengage.
  • Really good to protect tower.


  • Really weak in early game.
  • Easy to kite.
  • Skill 3 can be canceled by a lot of abilities.
  • Can’t really gank before 4
  • Lot’s of champion counter Zac