Olaf Combo Wild Rift: Guide For Beginners

Olaf Wild Rift combo for beginners: By learning optimal ability combos for Olaf, you will be able to deal lots of damage to the enemy quickly and safely. Learning and understanding Olaf fundamentals is one way of becoming a better player and climbing the ranked ladder.

Olaf’s Combo

Best combo for Olaf:

Video combo:

How to play:

Olaf is a fighter jungler. He has one of the best early games in terms of clearing and 1 vs 1 potential vs the enemy jungler. He can also be strong in the mid and late-game which makes him an all-around good pick. Once Olaf reaches level 5 and gets Ragnarok, he can run into any lane and get an advantage. Ragnarok allows Olaf to ignore all crowd control, so you can just run towards the enemy really easily and start to do a bunch of damage.

Olaf can also be played in the Baron lane, make sure to check the alternative build at the top of the page! The build with Olaf Baron Lane is very similar to the jungle build with just a few changes to make him tankier, there is not really much else that is different in terms of playstyles.

Olaf’s Abilities

What is a combo in Wild Rift?

The Wild Rift combo works in conjunction with one another and allows auto-attacks, summoner spells, items activated, and/or abilities to be used to do certain things.

We offer a multitude of combinations that you can apply to every application.

Thank you for reading this guide. Good luck on the rift summoners!