Pantheon Combo Wild Rift: Guide For Beginners

Pantheon Wild Rift combo for beginners: By learning optimal ability combos for Pantheon, you will be able to deal lots of damage to the enemy quickly and safely. Learning and understanding Pantheon fundamentals is one way of becoming a better player and climbing the ranked ladder.

Pantheon’s Combo

Best combo for Pantheon:

Ultimate -> Skill 1 -> AA -> Skill 2 -> AA -> Skill 3 -> AA -> Skill 1

This is a combo that works well when diving the enemy team. Your ultimate also resets your stacks, so it’s good to start off with an empowered Skill 1 and finish off with another empowered Skill 1.

Ultimate -> Skill 2 -> AA -> Skill 1 -> AA -> Skill 3

This combo is ideal for locking down an opponent and unleashing all of Pantheon’s damage upon them. It works great when you want to gank a single lane or take isolated enemies by surprise.

Skill 1 -> AA -> Skill 2 -> AA -> Skill 3 -> AA -> Skill 1

This is the fastest combo for charging up your empowered Skill 1 , which you will use when poking enemies.

Skill 2 -> AA -> Skill 1 -> AA -> Skill 3

This is one of the easy combos you can pull off to deal a lot of damage upon a stunned enemy.

Skill 2 -> Skill 1 -> AA -> Skill 3

This is another combo you can use to trade with your laning opponent. It is easy to pull off, and takes advantage of the ability to block some of the damage you’d otherwise take by using Skill 3. This will win you a lot of trades in lane.

Video combo:

How to play:

Pantheon is a fighter. He is very strong in the early game being able to trade and fight vs most top lane champions. As you get into the late game, Pantheon falls off in terms of damage and becomes more of a crowd control champion that helps the team survive. One thing to note is to always keep an eye on your Mortal Will to see how many stacks you have. After 5 stacks, your next basic ability will be enhanced which means they get bonuses.

Pantheon can also be played in the jungle. He has great ganking tools with Shield Vault being a point and tap stun and you can use his ultimate, Grand Starfall, from really far away to surprise the enemies. The build is pretty much the same with slight changes to boots upgrade and runes.

Pantheon’s Abilities

What is a combo in Wild Rift?

The Wild Rift combo works in conjunction with one another and allows auto-attacks, summoner spells, items activated, and/or abilities to be used to do certain things.

We offer a multitude of combinations that you can apply to every application.

Thank you for reading this guide. Good luck on the rift summoners!