Rengar Combo Wild Rift: Guide For Beginners

Rengar Wild Rift combo for beginners: By learning optimal ability combos for Rengar, you will be able to deal lots of damage to the enemy quickly and safely. Learning and understanding Rengar fundamentals is one way of becoming a better player and climbing the ranked ladder.

Rengar’s Combo

Best combo for Rengar:

Reset your auto-attacks by using Skill 1

Rengar’s Skill 1 works as an auto-attack reset, but it also empowers his next basic attack (and grants additional attack speed). Remember to use this every chance you get when trading, and even when farming. It’ll help a lot with your clear.

Use the brushes to your advantage

No tactic is too much when you’re playing the Pridestalker. You can use the brushes in key areas (the tribush, the pixel brush, and the entire enemy jungle to stalk your enemies and catch them at their weakest point. That’s pretty much how you will get ahead.

Ultimate -> Flash -> AA -> Skill 3 -> Skill 1 -> Skill 2 -> Skill 1

You’ll cast your ultimate to reveal the enemy, then it’s all about the hunt.

Video combo:

How to play:

Rengar is an AD assassin jungler. He has a fairly strong early game, his early jungle clear is relatively fast and you can stay pretty healthy with your heal from 2nd Ability, Battle Roar. Once you get to level 5 and have access to Thrill of the Hunt (Ultimate), you can become invisible and gank any lane to get an advantage.

Rengar’s Abilities

(Passive) Unseen Predator 

The first part of the passive is if Rengar is in a brush or camouflaged (from his ultimate), he will leap to the target with his next attack and if Rengar has no Ferocity stacks, he gains 1 stack. This part of the passive is a crucial part of Rengar’s kit. You can use this when clearing the jungle to get ferocity stacks faster, jump onto minions or onto champions to surprise them and get the upper edge.

The 2nd part is Bonetooth Necklace. You gain attack damage for each unique champion takedown. So when thinking about who to jump on especially when your ultimate is up, take a look at your necklace (bottom of the screen) and see who you need to kill to get more attack damage.

The final part of the passive is the Ferocity. You gain 1 Ferocity upon casting a basic ability and when you reach 4 Ferocity stacks, your next basic ability is enhanced, allowing it to be cast separately from the base version. Will go into more detail about the enhanced abilities with each one.

(Skill 1) Savagery

Rengar’s next 2 attacks within a few seconds gain attack speed. The first attack is empowered to deal additional physical damage. Ferocity (Enhanced Savagery) – Gains more attack speed for a longer time and the first attack deals more damage.

This is one of Rengar’s main damage sources and gives him a lot of attack speed. It is also an auto-attack reset, meaning you can auto-attack and activate the ability straight after to use it so you don’t have to wait for the delay until you can auto-attack again.

(Skill 2) Battle Roar

Rengar roars, dealing magic damage and healing for a percentage of damage taken in the last few seconds. Ferocity (Enhanced Battle Roar) – Rengar also gains movement speed for a few seconds and removes all crowd control effects from himself.

This ability helps a lot when clearing the jungle and trying to stay as healthy as possible and helps greatly when trying to trade in early skirmishes vs the enemy jungle. Timing your Ferocity Battle Roar is crucial and is the difference between life and death.

(Skill 3) Bola Strike

Throws a bola that deals physical damage and slows for a second. Ferocity (Enhanced Bola Strike) – Deals more physical damage and roots instead.

This is Rengar’s only crowd control in his whole kit so it’s vital to use this at the right time, especially the enhanced version to root the enemy when you are chasing them down. You can also use this ability in mid-air when jumping with your passive or ultimate. This helps slow the enemies to catch up and use your abilities to gain Ferocity stacks.

(Ultimate) Thrill of the Hunt

Rengar gains movement speed and reveals the nearest enemy champion for a few seconds. Rengar also becomes camouflaged after a second and his next attack shreds the target’s armor for a few seconds. This is what makes Rengar unique!

Once you reach level 5 you want to use your Ultimate as much as possible! You can easily gank lanes and it’s quite fun when you use your Ultimate and the enemy team realizes so they start running away trying to escape. This ultimate also counters other champions that can go invisible like Evelynn and Kha’Zix, because when you use your ultimate, if they are the nearest enemy to Rengar they will be revealed.

What is a combo in Wild Rift?

The Wild Rift combo works in conjunction with one another and allows auto-attacks, summoner spells, items activated, and/or abilities to be used to do certain things.

We offer a multitude of combinations that you can apply to every application.

Thank you for reading this guide. Good luck on the rift summoners!