Wild Rift Patch 5.0 – New Upcoming Champions (Syndra, Talon, Kindred) 2024

New Upcoming champion Wild Rift in patch 5.0 are Syndra, Talon, Kindred. They are 1 Mage, 1 Assassin and 1 Marksman.

New upcoming champions Syndra, Talon and Kindred



Syndra is a mage with many controlling skills and dealing strong damage with her ultimate.

Role: Mage – Difficulty: High.

How to counter Syndra?

Syndra Wild Rift Counter

To counter Syndra, you should use mobile champions that can easily get close to destroy Syndra. Anti-magic items will counter Syndra’s damage. Read More



Talon is a mobile assassin that can go mid or jungle with the ability to quickly assassinate targets.

Role: Assassin – Difficulty: Moderate.

How to counter Talon?

Talon Wild Rift Counter

To counter Talon, you should CC him and control vision to know Talon’s direction of movement. Use physical defense items against Talon. Read More



Kindred is a Marksman who needs to farm to increase his power in the late game.

Role: Marksman – Difficulty: Moderate.

How to counter Kindred?

Kindred Wild Rift Counter

To counter Kindred, you should limit her strength at the beginning of the game and use physical defense items. Read More